This is the Jambé online store, where you can purchase Jambé and assorted accessories.

Our main company is called Sensorpoint, Inc., which is the owner of Jambé and all the technology involved with the instrument.  Below is a brief description of the founders of Sensorpoint, Inc. :

Jambé is made by a group of wild engineers out of Silicon Valley, California. Gathering the most talented hardware, software, mechanical, and production people together to make a new type of electronic percussion instrument was pretty bold for an area more known for chips and apps. But the end product, Jambé, was well worth the long years of development.

Heading this all up is John Worthington and Mark Bain, veteran product creators for years. They have over Fifty products in their portfolio that normal folks use every day, from DVDs to streaming movies to video editing. Now they are embarking on melding their technology know-how into a new generation of musical instruments.

Jambé is their premier product after many years of development.

Go to the main Jambé website for additional information about the instrument.